Welcome to Biology 2017-2018! (Periods 2 and 4)



March 16
Survey Link

December 8

November 15
STEM Night is tomorrow!
Prepare and finalize presentations.

October 16

October 2
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Tell me about your weekend.
  • Finish drawing house (30 minutes)
  • Introduce PBL Driving Question
    • What information do we need in order to answer the driving question?
Leave notebooks

September 29
Objective: Draw your dream house
Catalyst: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  • 4 Corners (2R)
  • Draw your dream house
    • Chromebooks for ideas
Notebook check Monday

September 28
Objective: Activate prior knowledge about humans and the environment
Catalyst: What does it mean to be eco-friendly?
  • Stamp Reflection (15L)
  • Set up Unit 1
  • Vocabulary Inventory (1L)
  • Unit Standards (1R)
  • How do humans impact the environment and what can we do about it? KWL (2L)
  • 4 Corners
Notebook check Monday

September 27
Objective: Describe climate and types of organisms found in different biomes.
Catalyst: NONE
Reflection (15L) due tomorrow
September 26
Objective: Demonstrate understanding of unit objectives by scoring 80% of higher on test
Catalyst: How did you study for today's test?
  • Unit 0 Test
  • Reflection (15L)
Reflection (15L) due Thursday

September 25
Objective: Same
Catalyst: When was the last time someone complimented you? What was it for?
Unit 0 Test tomorrow

September 22
Objective: Describe characteristics of living things
Catalyst: Is a plant living? Why or why not?
  • Finish discussion Winter vs. CHiP (14L)
  • Characteristics of Life - Notes (14R) & Video Practice (14L)
Unit 0 Study Guide due Monday
Unit 0 Test Tuesday

September 20
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Calculate the average of 11, 4, and 3
  • Pillbug Lab Abstract (13L)
  • Characteristics of Life - Winter vs. CHiP (14L)
Scientific Abstract (13L) due Friday
Unit 0 Study Guide due Monday

September 19
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Calculate the average of 1, 3, and 5
  • Pillbug Lab (13R)
    • Calculate and check averages
    • Graph data
    • Conclusion
Scientific Abstract (13L) due Friday

September 18
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Draw in what you will put in each chamber.
  • Pillbug Lab (13R)

September 15
Objective: Use the scientific method to determine environmental preferences of pillbugs
Catalyst: What do you need to plan an experiment? (Hint: See 12R)
  • Pillbug Lab (13R) - Pre-Lab Questions
Bring Pillbug Lab materials Monday!
Minimum Day
September 14
Objective: Same
Catalyst: What is a hypothesis?
  • Finish Scientific Method Notes (12R)
    • Zebra/Grass example
  • Practice (12L)
Finish 12L, rollie pollies
Back to School Night
September 13
Objective: Describe the steps of the scientific method.
Catalyst: What kind of career/job do you want in the future?
  • Scientific Method Introduction - Murder Mystery
  • Scientific Method Shuffle Cards - cut up and put in order
  • Scientific Method Notes (12R)
Look for rollie pollies

September 12
Objective: Same
Catalyst: What are your thoughts on the video? (video link)
  • Share HW (10L)
  • Check Lab (11L)
Complete/turn in missing work

September 11
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Whats your favorite animal?
  • Stamp HW (10R)
  • Check Lab (11R)
10L due tomorrow

September 8
Objective: Same
Catalyst: What is a claim?
  • Finish CER Practice (9L)
  • Worksheet (10R/L)
  • Weekly Reflection & Shout Outs
Finish worksheet
10L due Tuesday

September 7
Objective: Use at least 2 pieces of evidence (data or observations) to support a claim.
Catalyst: Write 1 qualitative and 1 quantitative observation about this room.

September 6
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Observation or inference? "The cheese is old."
  • Finish worksheet, review O, I, P
  • CER
Part 4 of worksheet
Quiz tomorrow

September 5
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Describe your weekend in 1 word.
  • Go over NB check
  • Finish Thinking Like a Scientist (8R) + glue in
  • Think Like A Scientist Review HW (8L)
Period 2 - finish front of worksheet
Period 4- complete front side of worksheet (Part 1 and 2)

August 31
Objective: Distinguish between observations, inferences, and predictions
Catalyst: What do you see in the picture?
  • Thinking Like A Scientist (8R)

August 30
Objective: Same
Catalyst: What station did you enjoy the most and why?
  • Finish Science Skills Stations (7R)
  • Add to gallery walk (6L)
  • How have your thoughts about scientists changed? Do you consider yourself a scientist? Why or why not? Any questions or comments?
Finish reflection

August 29
Objective: Same
Catalyst: Write the names of your group members (from memory!)
  • Science Skills Stations (7R)

August 28
Catalyst: Tell me about your weekend
  • Share out gallery walk
  • What is Biology?
  • Quick observation practice
  • Science Skills Stations (7R)

August 25
Objective: Identify 3 characteristics of a scientist.
Catalyst: Describe "science" in 3 words.
  • Period 4 only - finish Vocabulary Inventory (1L)
  • Draw a scientist (6R)
  • Gallery Walk (6L)
  • Period 2 only - Weekly Reflection & Shout Outs
Look for rollie pollies

August 24
Objective: Understand the importance of science
Catalyst: "Drawing a sketch" is which step of EDP?
  • Go over HW
  • DHMO
  • Unit 0 Vocabulary Inventory (1L)
Look for rollie pollies!

August 23
  • Debrief Marshmallow Challenge
    • Connect to the Engineering Design Process
    • Share reflection responses
  • Vocabulary Inventory (1L)
  • Our Class Norms

Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson
August 22
Objective: Same as yesterday
Catalyst: Today, how will you build your tower differently?
  • Marshmallow Challenge
  • Reflection (4L)
- Reflection Questions (4L)

August 21
Objective: Work in a team to build highest marshmallow tower
Catalyst: What do you think causes a solar eclipse?
  • Go over Catalyst
  • Marshmallow Challenge (4R)
  • Reflection
- Reflection Questions (4L)

August 18
Objective: Same as yesterday
Catalyst: None
  • Finish Class Norms (Respect the classroom & yourself)
  • Finish notebook set-up
  • Human Scavenger Hunt
- Decorate notebooks

August 17
Objective: Same as yesterday
Catalyst: None
  • Set up notebook
  • Finish syllabus
  • Class Norms (Respect others)
- Decorate notebooks (make it unique!)

August 16
Objective: Same as yesterday
Catalyst: None
  • Name Tag Glyphs
  • Go over syllabus
- Composition Notebook - 100 pages, college ruled

August 15
Objective: Set class norms and develop classroom community
Catalyst: None
  • Welcome/Name Cards
  • 4 Corners
  • Biology Syllabus
  • Go over homework
- Syllabus signed by parent/guardian - due tomorrow
- Student Survey - due tomorrow
- Composition Notebook - 100 pages, college ruled - due Thursday