Chapter 6.1, 6.2 - Cells and Cell Organelles / pdf
Chapter 6 - Tour of the Cell 1 (Building Proteins) / pdf
Chapter 6 - Tour of the Cell 2 (Utilizing Energy) / pdf
Chapter 6 - Tour of the Cell 3 (Making New Cells) / pdf
Chapter 7.1, 7.2 - Cell Membrane Structure and Function / pdf
Chapter 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 - Transport / pdf

Study Guides

Chapter 6 Study Guide: A Tour of the Cell
Chapter 7 Study Guide: Membrane Structure and Function


BIOZONE "Limitations to Cell Size"
Unit 2: Cell Structure and Processes
Animal/Plant Cell Diagram
Organelle Interactions
Coloring Packet - Prokaryotic Cells, The Animal Cell, The Plant Cell
Cyanobacteria Practice Problem
Organelle Practice Problem
Coloring Packet - The Cell Membrane, Passive Transport, Active Transport
Cell Membranes Practice Problem
BIOZONE Packet - "The Structure of Membranes," "Passive Transport Processes," "Active Transport," "Ion Pumps"
Diffusion and Osmosis Practice Problems (Easy)
Osmosis Practice
Fun with Water Potential! (created by Samantha Kayhart)
Water Potential Worksheet (SKIP #6)
Water Potential Problems
Unit 2 Review - Essential Knowledge

How we think complex cells evolved (TedEd)
Case Study - Osmosis is Serious Business!
Surface Area, Volume, and the Meaning of Life (www.jayhosler.com)


Cell Size Lab
LAB ONE - Diffusion and Osmosis (original College Board document)/Exercise 1B & 1C Pre-Lab Questions

Bozeman Video Links

Why are cells small?
017 - Compartmentalization
043 - Cellular Organelles
015 - Cell Membrane
016 - Transport Across Cell Membranes
Diffusion Demo
Osmosis Lab Walkthrough
Lab 01 - Diffusion and Osmosis
Water Potential

David Knuffke Prezis

Matter 3: Structure and Support
Matter 4: Transport
Matter 6: Cytology & Endomembrane System
Matter 7: Matter & Energy Processing